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We have 40 sets of various production equipments.


Our product precision can reach 0.001mm.


If there is a problem, we will arrange to solve the problem.

Nanjing Tianyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

  Nanjing Tianyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Guangming Industrial Park, Shiqiu Street, Lishui District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Nanjing Lukou International Airport. The transportation is very convenient.

 Our company is a professional manufacturer of mechanical blades, related tools, mechanical cutting blades and related accessories for the light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. Adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerely be a person, earnest work, quality first, reputation first, excellent service". Among them, processing equipment MG7340, MM7340 grinding equipment for Japan Murata and other finishing equipment plays a key role in product precision, ensuring the high precision standard of 0.0005.

Product Selection

The factory maintains cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Hitachi Metals, Shanghai Baosteel, Fushun Special Steel and China Steel Research Co., Ltd. to ensure the material is stable and stable.

Heat Treatment Application and Cryogenic Application

In 2014, the company purchased 5 sets of salt bath furnace to quench the tool, cooled it with quenching oil, and tempered with nitrate furnace. The number of heat preservation reached more than 4 times. The tempering and heat preservation provides the whole process of self-control, and the liquid nitrogen deep-cooling application equipment in Shanghai-140 degree cooling provides products with stable life and cooperates with Suzhou Xinwu strain in 2017 to achieve product cooperation and thus ensure the products, and Direct and more stable to create high value for customers.

Customer Cooperation

Puxin Metal, Pohang Stainless, Hunan Xiangtou Jintian Titanium Industry, China Aerospace Science and Technology Functional Metal, Baojing Steel Southwest Aluminum, Hongwang Group, Fujian Qingtuo, Taishan Iron and Steel White Elephant Industry, Germany Georg China Industry, Japan Dongyan Machine Industry, Yuantian Machine Industry with Knife, Japan Toray and so on.

Product Assurance

Since the establishment of the company, the product quality has been set as the core of the company's participation in the market competition. It is this successful positioning and the strong product quality awareness of all employees of Tianyi Precision Company, which makes Tianyi Precision Company become China. A well-known enterprise in the tool industry and machining industry.

The company has established a strict quality inspection system based on product quality requirements. The company strictly controls and manages all aspects related to product quality, establishes scientific inspection procedures, quantifies the indicators for inspection, and takes responsibility to ensure that the company continues to produce qualified products.

The company strictly controls the raw materials, eliminates the three products, selects the products of famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad, establishes strict product technology indicators, and establishes a good supply and demand relationship with the supplier.

Tianyi Precision Co., Ltd. has established a regular staff quality training system, learning new knowledge and new information of quality management, establishing the quality awareness of each employee, standardizing their behavior, down to a chamfer, keyway, meticulous, and excellence. The quality inspection department has established standardized inspection procedures, with advanced and perfect testing equipment and means, and strictly in accordance with the regulations to prevent an unqualified product from leaving the factory.

The company's products are tested by the provincial technical inspection every year, and all performance indicators are qualified once. We will make unremitting efforts to provide users with satisfactory products and services. Look forward to working with your company in good faith, work together to create a better future.


Nanjing Tianyi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd


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